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10 Best Detective and Cop Shows Ever: From Cops to True Detective

Photo credit: HBO

Photo credit: HBO

10)  True Detective

Leave it up to HBO to create another television series that once again uplifts the small screen into an epic creative stratosphere. Writer and producer Nic Pizzollato, knocked viewers on their butts when True Detective premiered in January of 2014. This crime drama was intense, mysterious and it starred Matthew McConaughey.

What is he doing on HBO? It seems that since the Sopranos lifted the bar for original TV programming, even big stars like McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are chomping at the bit for one of these projects. The series follows detectives Rust Spencer and Marty Hart as they tract a Louisiana serial killer across seventeen years. Viewers were instantly hooked by the shows maddening habit of sprinkling clues in the most unlikely of places.

Thanks to internet outlets such as Twitter and Facebook fans of the show could mull over clues together in between episodes and try themselves to piece the mystery together. The show has wrapped up its first season, but it looks like fans may have to wait quite a while for another True Detective fix as season two is said not be premiering until 2015. Since the program was pitched as an anthology with each season featuring a different cast and story line, fans will also likely be saying goodbye to Harrelson and McConaughey as well.