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10 Best Detective and Cop Shows Ever: From Cops to True Detective

Photo credit: CBS

Photo credit: CBS

9) CSI: Las Vegas

CSI debuted in 2000 and has enjoyed a healthy fourteen year run, amazing by any standards for any genre. The show and, its spinoff series’ CSI: Miami and CSI:NY, portray the crime solving abilities of crime scene investigators as they use physical evidence to solve some pretty brutal murders. Viewers love the intricate details and clues that the investigators can weave together from some of the most unlikely materials collected at the crime scenes. The show has been under pretty harsh criticism from the beginning by many who think it indulges in gratuitous sexual content and obviously some pretty brutal violence.

The criticism does not seem to have affected the show’s success in the slightest, however, as it has been estimated that over seventy three million people tune in each week to the original series or one of the spin off shows. One thing that makes the show so likeable, aside from the awesome music featured almost every episode, is the fascination viewers seem to have to look below the surface and see what the forensic scientists can see.