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10 Coolest TV Show Intros

Photo credit: HBO

Photo credit: HBO

Television has always been a unique platform for delivering entertainment to the world. Due to the serialized nature of the art form, show runners are able to delve deeply into the characters, their stories, and the art form in general. A by-product of this patient sort of show-creation is the evolution of the opening credits. The opening credits in the television series must hook a viewer, tell a miniature story, and never get boring. Here are the top 10 opening credits in television right now.

10) Boardwalk Empire

Atlantic City has never looked more beautiful, or more mysterious. The opening credits for this roaring prohibition era gangster epic contain depth, function, and beauty. The show, “Boardwalk Empire”, follows a booze kingpin as he tries to “rule” Atlantic City.

The opening credit sequence shows Nucky Thompson, the main character, walking up a dark beach. Nucky is staring up at Atlantic City while around his feet bottles of hooch wash up on shore. This image alone showcases Atlantic City as a dangerous town, one that maybe can’t be controlled, and it reinforces the idea that Nucky is going to try his damnedest to own it. The pilot of the hit HBO series was shot by Martin Scorsese and stars Steve Buscemi as the gangster politician. The team behind the opening sequence went through a variety of different options, including intros that were much more glitz and glam, before finally settling on this moody introductory piece. The entire intro is shot underneath a bluesy jazz guitar riff that creates a somber mood and an expectation of sadness.

Imaginary Forces – Boardwalk Empire from Imaginary Forces on Vimeo.