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20 Shocking Scenes We Can’t Believe Aired on Television

Photo credit: Buena Vista Home Entertainment / ABC

Photo credit: Buena Vista Home Entertainment / ABC

20. Lost, “Expose”

Live burial is never a fun topic to portray. Edgar Allen Poe was certainly a fan, giving generations of readers some wonderful nightmares.

Lost dipped its toes into that legacy by offing two unlikable characters, a pair of lovers with shady pasts, in the most horrific way possible.

Fans weren’t exactly sad to see them go, though the manner of their demise is labeled one of the most shocking moments in a series full of them.

Nikki and Paulo were two survivors of the plane crash that Lost centers around. Paulo was a Brazilian con artist and Nikki was an American actress, both fleeing a murder with eight million dollars in diamonds.

The characters were not well received by fans who despised their inane writing and subpar storylines. In response, producer Damon Lindelof announced they would be leaving the show.

The pair was bitten by island spiders whose venom causes total paralysis. The two are buried by the rest of the survivors, immobile but fully conscious and aware. Never let it be said that the Lost producers don’t know how to fix a mistake.

Lindelof has admitted in subsequent interviews that the writers dropped the ball with the characters, who were supposed to become central to several future storylines.