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10 TV Shows Saved By The Rallying Of Crazed Fans

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Photo Credit: NBC

1) Chuck

The story of the boring computer whiz next door who tumbles into a life of action and intrigue, Chuck began its television reign in 2007. The show quickly achieved a dedicated following, but unfortunately, found itself in danger of cancelation due to poor ratings during its second season.

Fans, worried that they would lose the series for good, decided to mount a campaign in order to ensure Chuck’s continuation. This campaign was unique in that, instead of focusing on DVD sales and record viewership for reruns, it focused on giving NBC the economic means to continue the series. Viewers asked Subway to step up with the financial resources necessary to cover the high costs related to production. Subway, sensing an excellent marketing tactic, agreed, ultimately pushing for a deal with NBC. In return for Subway’s support, fans of the show made a point of ordering footlong sandwiches whenever possible.

Although the combined efforts of Subway and Chuck’s viewership allowed for a season three renewal, the show’s future was still not secure. For the remainder of its run on NBC, its future was constantly in question. With NBC constantly eager to cut the series, it’s clear that its continuation for several additional seasons was made possible solely through constant fan campaigning.