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12 Celebs Who Ditched Hollywood For Regular Jobs


Photo credit: Imagecollect

The notoriously coveted celebrity status isn’t “all that,” at least not when it comes to these 12 celebs. These famous human beings excelled at what they did, became famous, and then simply ditched their on-stage and on-screen jobs to pursue a career that’s a bit more regular.

1. Jonathan Bennett

The guy that everyone wanted to be with is now a guy that helps people out during their path to a perfect, healthy body.

The once famous Jonathan Bennett became famous for his role in Mean Girls.

The fitness lover played Aaron Samuels, the guy that everyone wanted to be with, including Lindsay Lohan’s character.

After spending a few years in Hollywood, Bennett got a job as a spin instructor in Flywheel, an LA-based studio.

Bennett says that he always had a passion for fitness, and after his mom passed away, he found group fitness really helpful. Now, he’s giving back what he’s learned. He acts a little on the side as well, but he’s definitely found his dream job in the fitness studio.