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20 TV Shows Likely to Get the Axe After This Season

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

1. Betrayal

ABC has been cancelling or considering cancelling many shows this season, with Betrayal as one likely to be cancelled.

This show has had very low ratings this season, with a renew/cancel index only higher than ones the network has already cancelled.

It is only in its first season, but it doesn’t seem like it will see a second. This drama follows actress Hannah Ware, playing the character Sara Hanley, a photographer, who has an affair from her unhappy marriage with a lawyer and then ends up going against him in a court case.

The lawyer comes from a powerful family, creating a hotbed for drama. However, this is one of those premises that doesn’t seem like it has a future unless it strays far from its original storyline of the court case. It doesn’t have much of a backbone, and viewers just aren’t that interested.

Over its first season, it didn’t have a huge dip in viewers, but it just didn’t gain enough to continue. Some viewers have complained about the show being slow and critics have not rated it well, although others say it hooks you in with its juicy drama that includes blackmail, the mob and other exciting elements.

Some viewers plan a petition to try to get a second season, so we’ll see if they succeed.