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20 TV Shows Likely to Get the Axe After This Season

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

1. Betrayal

ABC has been cancelling or considering cancelling many shows this season, with Betrayal as one likely to be cancelled.

This show has had very low ratings this season, with a renew/cancel index only higher than ones the network has already cancelled.

It is only in its first season, but it doesn’t seem like it will see a second. This drama follows actress Hannah Ware, playing the character Sara Hanley, a photographer, who has an affair from her unhappy marriage with a lawyer and then ends up going against him in a court case.

The lawyer comes from a powerful family, creating a hotbed for drama. However, this is one of those premises that doesn’t seem like it has a future unless it strays far from its original storyline of the court case. It doesn’t have much of a backbone, and viewers just aren’t that interested.

Over its first season, it didn’t have a huge dip in viewers, but it just didn’t gain enough to continue. Some viewers have complained about the show being slow and critics have not rated it well, although others say it hooks you in with its juicy drama that includes blackmail, the mob and other exciting elements.

Some viewers plan a petition to try to get a second season, so we’ll see if they succeed.

  • Guest

    No matter how good or bad, this show didn’t have a chance in the time slot competing against Resurrected. It probably could have held its own if aired on Tues or Wed.

  • Marilyn

    No matter how good or bad, Believe didn’t have a chance in the Sunday time slot competing against Resurrected. It probably could have held its own if aired on Tues or Wed.

  • Marilyn

    No matter how good or bad, Surviving Jack didn’t have a chance in the Thursday time slot competing against Gray’s, Scandal, Blackbox, Vikings. It maybe could have held its own if aired on Tues or Wed.

  • CSB radio

    It aired for one season, not two.

    • orsay

      No, it aired for 2 seasons! I really liked this show. To bad it’s getting canceled!

  • AkaBatGirl

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers needs to lay off the crack. He’s starting to look like Heath Ledger right before he died.

  • Brad Gerald Johnston I

    This article reads as if it were written by a middle-schooler.

  • Macus Walker

    No list, not clicking through, no ad revenue for you. Bye.

  • Susan St Clair

    Surviving Jack is one of the funniest and best shows I’ve seen in years. Christopher Meloni rocks! First show in years that had me laughing out loud! Besides Meloni the rest of the cast is excellent.

  • Weindler-Mahnke Debra

    Parenthood is the best show on TV. you cry each week. the story lines are abundant! I love this show …pleeez! CRISIS was great I was on the edge of my seat. NBC never gives shows a chance!!

  • AcuraT

    I had no idea this was renewed at all. The fact it got a midseason renewal means that it did better than Michael J Fox’s return which was the comparison on NBC. Still, agree this has an upward hill to climb for a third season.

  • AcuraT

    Community was renewed… but on Yahoo! So it is coming back, but not on TV.

  • Sher O’Kee

    I was surprised to hear Intelligence was being cancelled after 1 season. I really liked the series and heartbroken that it will not be returning.

  • J.P. Holton

    Stopped watching The Mentalist because it never started when it was supposed to – if at all. This is a common problem with shows in that time slot with CBS; it is like the slot to no-man’s land. Actually the shows was getting better but too difficult to know when it WOULD air; could not even DVR because of the time problems.

  • Cod3Nam3Dutchess

    I love Dracula, I’m sad to see it go!

  • thebluecrab

    How old is this? Robin is quite gone!!!