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18 Celebrities That Are Banned From SNL

 Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

14. The Replacements

The alternative rock band, The Replacements, always drew critical acclaim for their great live shows and performances.

And that was why they were invited on SNL as the musical guest for a 1986 episode.

The first song they played went on without a hitch, it was the second one that was an absolute disaster.

Apparently, between performing the two songs, the rockers got heavily inebriated backstage, so much so that they came out completely wasted to play their second song, “Kiss Me on the Bus.” While playing, they stumbled into each other, fell down, screamed profanities randomly into the microphone and dropped their instruments. Sounds like a good enough reason to us for banishment, no?

While The Replacements were banished from ever appearing again as a band, the band’s lead singer did make a return appearance on the show – when he became a solo act. So let’s see now, we’ve had musicians banned from SNL for lighting up joints, destroying the stage, ripping up a picture of the Pope, playing the wrong song on purpose and playing drunk.

Tell us – how in the heck did Ashlee Simpson not get banned for walking off the stage in embarrassment after her famous SNL musical gaffe?