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18 Celebrities That Are Banned From SNL

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

15. Rage Against the Machine

In a Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Steve Forbes, who in 1996 was hoping to become President, rap/punk/hard metal group Rage Against the Machine managed to get one song in before being kicked off the stage and the show forever.

There was no smashing of guitars and destruction of NBC property this time; the politically-driven liberals hung American flags upside-down on their amps before performing their hit “Bulls on Parade.”

The inverted flag, a symbol of distress or emergency, was meant as a protest against having Republican Forbes as a presidential candidate.

The band and their flags were removed and they were unable to play a second song. You could argue that the gesture was a form of peaceful protest, but SNL producers were understandably enraged that their stage had been turned into a platform for the political degradation of a presidential hopeful.

We guess that’s a risk you must take if you want to give a punk band the opportunity to play on live television. Next time you invite a Republican to host the show, SNL, stick with a politically neutral band if you want to avoid insulting the public at large.