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15 Greatest Movie Stars to Appear on TV Shows

Photo credit:  Netflix

Photo credit: Netflix

1) Kevin Spacey

He has won two Oscars, one for American Beauty and one for The Usual Suspects. The man could do anything he wants, play in any role and producers would feel lucky to have him. So when he chose to play the lead in the small screen series House of Cards a Netflix original series, no one knew what to think.

Now everyone knows that they can still trust his judgment in choosing roles, and that Netflix actually puts out good TV shows.

No one expected Netflix a DVD mail rental service to become a big player like HBO when it comes to creating original content. But they did not spare a dime in production and critics and fans alike are raving about House of Cards. There is something about Kevin Spacey’s deadpan expressions and witty dry humor that makes him the perfect fit for the role of Francis Underwood.

Although the man has won many awards for his acting so he could likely fit just about any role thrown his way.