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15 Most Awkward Cinema Kisses


Photo credit: Summit Entertainment

Actors don’t have it that bad, when you think about it. Sure, you literally get your privacy taken away when you reached the coveted celebrity status, but you also get a bunch of free stuff, amazing clothes and beauty professionals whenever you need them, and your beer buddies are the biggest stars in the business.

Oh and you also get to get all touchy-feely with them and call it a “job.”However, all jobs are tough in some ways, and when it comes to acting, there are some things you cannot act out. One of them is chemistry.

You can play kissy-face all day long with someone and still not have the “it” factor, which is usually more than obvious on the big screen. When it comes to awkward cinema kisses, these 15 take the cake.

1. Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner

Oh, Twilight, how you ruined the movie-buzz of many sane folk in the world. But then again, you gave us so much when it comes to jokes and epic lameness.

One of the biggest thorns in everyone’s eyes in the saga was, of course, Bella and Jacob awkward mouth encounter.

The actress got called out for a lot of reasons, but the one that took the cake (apart from her never-changing reaction face) was the kiss she shared with Taylor Lautner. The kiss was more than extremely uncomfortable and we all felt weird and slightly violated when we saw it.