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15 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Friends’

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television

It’s been over a decade since six pals sipped their last cups of coffee on that big orange couch, but Friends is still such a iconic part of American culture that even those who have never seen an episode know that Ross and Rachel belong together, “Smelly Cat” is the best song ever, and a chick and a duck make better apartment pets than a monkey. But, there are a few surprising things that even hard-core fans might have missed.

1) The show went through several other names before it was Friends:

In an identity crisis big enough to rival any that the characters went though, the show had at least four other names before it was Friends. While the now-iconic name sounds instantly perky and upbeat, Insomnia Café sounds dreary and tired. But, that was the original name of the series when David Crane and Marta Kauffman first submitted their seven-page pitch to the network. At the same time, Matthew Perry submitted his own pitch for an almost identical show, titled Maxwell’s House.

The network loved the idea and asked that a pilot be written under the name Friends Like Us, though NBC president Warren Littlefield had advocated for the title Across the Hall. However, that name was too close to that of an ABC sitcom, These Friends of Mine, so by the time the pilot was filmed the name had switched again to Six of One. It wasn’t until just before the series launched that network settled on the final name.

  • Mickey Logan

    Who couldn’t tell that the show never set foot in NY? It was pretty obvious, just like Seinfeld.

  • Jim Rasmussen

    “Ross ruins his wedding, and marriage, to Emily by saying the wrong name at the alter”. “Alter” means “to change”. The word you want is “altar”.

  • Christina Lacock Mauthe

    Whoever wrote this article really needs to get an editor. Or go back to high school English class. Learn some basic English grammar skills. Proofread before publishing. Get an extension like Grammarly. Something.

  • ElectricFire

    “Ursula doesn’t listen and believes she can get away with things without
    people noticing. Phoebe, on the other hand, is very thoughtful and
    caring and always taking in what’s going on.”

    Um, no. Phoebe also doesn’t listen and believes she can get away with things without people noticing. The twins are exactly the same in this and a lot of ways.