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25 TV Characters That Disappeared Without Explanation

Photo credit:   ABC

Photo credit: ABC

Killing off a character can be a big deal for any TV show (except maybe Game of Thrones, who kills characters like flies) but not every character’s removal merits a death scene or exposition about what happened.

Which characters vanished from their shows without us ever knowing why or how?

1. Judy, Family Matters

Better remembered for Urkel than for anything else, Family Matters’ title didn’t actually refer to Urkel at all.

He only interacted with the main focus of the show: the Chicago-area Winslow family, who got into their own complications and pitfalls, headed by big and gruff but loveable dad Carl.

Carl’s had three kids who played a major role, but his second daughter Judy only got a fraction of the airtime of her older siblings.

Judy was featured for a full five years on the show before vanishing without a single world or a single character caring about her absence.

The show never gave an explanation, but it wasn’t exactly a big shock, since her character was usually a fifth wheel in any given scene and never had any particularly memorable moments. Judy never pulled in the laughs quite like the goofy Urkel, the grumpy Carl, or the sassy Laura.

Later on, whenever a character asked about Judy, the family gave a bizarre (and always-changing) explanation, like she had joined a cult or was staying with relatives, hoping that the audience would never notice.