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3 Classic Sci-Fi Movies That Are Getting A Remake

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

When you can’t make something original – make a remake. This sentence pretty much sums up Hollywood these days, but let’s see what they have to offer.

We can all agree that certain classic sci-fi movies should stay in their original forms, regardless of how bad and underdeveloped special effects technology was some 30 or 40 years ago.

But since they don’t really seem to give a damn, we are obliged to run through some of the sci-fi reboots and remakes that are currently in the making.

Everyone knows about the upcoming Blade Runner remake starring Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, and Harrison Ford, so let’s see what else is there.

Flash Gordon (1980)

This classic 80’s sci-fi classic was based on a comic strip, but the character of Flash Gordon has appeared in just about every medium we can possibly imagine:

  • movies
  • live-action/animated television series
  • radio serials
  • novels
  • games

Now, new Flash Gordon movie is reportedly in the works by 20th Century Fox which owns the rights to this remake.

Let’s just hope they keep the original soundtrack.

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The Blob (1988)

Photo credit: TriStar Pictures

Do you remember The Blob? It was that awesomely weird movie about, well – a blob. To be more precise, it’s about a blob that comes from outer space and starts killing people. Goldcrest Film is reportedly making this remake, while Simon West (Con Air) should be the main man behind the camera.

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Short Circuit (1986)

Photo credit: TriStar Pictures

Short Circuit (1986) and Short Circuit 2 (1988) are movies about an adorable robot called Johnny Five, who was part of a group of experimental robots that was electrocuted, causing him to acquire sentience.

In the first installment Johnny 5 escapes, only to get taken and exploited by evil criminals in the second movie. The remake in the making will have the plot of the first one.

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Oh, yeah – and they are making The Matrix remake. Nice going, Hollywood.