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3 Supporting Sitcom Characters Who Stole The Show And Deserve Their Own

Photo credit: NBC Universal Television Distribution

Modern TV shows rely on unique premise, quality writing, relatability, and of course, well-written and colorful characters.

These personas can indeed make or break good television. If characters, both lead and supporting, are properly layered and finely nuanced, they allow audiences to connect with them and relate to certain traits and ‘qualities’ they otherwise perhaps wouldn’t be allowed to.

And while the bulk of fans usually find these connections predominantly with the main characters of a certain sitcom, some prefer those side personas that act like the glue that holds the show together.

Here we have 3 such cases that have proven to be fan favorites over time and these supporting TV characters definitely deserve their own shows.

Andy Dwyer (Parks And Recreation)

If there wasn’t for the goofy character of Andy Dwyer, Chris Pratt probably wouldn’t be where he is right now. It feels like Andy created his own galaxy within the Parks And Rec universe, which he guarded ever-so hilariously (sorry for the totally unnecessary Guardians of the Galaxy pun, that was uncalled-for).

Andy is lovable, funny, simple, caring, energetic, cute, brilliant at improvisation, AND he has several alter egos throughout the show – the secret FBI agent Burt Macklin or kids’ favorite Johnny Karate.

True Parks and Recreation fans will know Andy is the character who changes the most over the seasons, and yet he manages to stay the same old delightful halfwit we all know and love.

He deserves his own spin-off and here’s our premise proposal: Andy Dwyer is a famous kid show host Johnny Karate during the day, while by night he’s the badass secret FBI agent Burt Maclin who always manages to save the day.

Can’t go wrong with that one.

Check out some of his best adlibbed lines here:

Troy Barnes And Abed Nadir (Community)

Photo credit: NBS/Sony Pictures Television

Troy Barnes ( Donald Glover) and Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) formed one of the greatest bromances in modern sitcom history. Although “Community” met its official end in 2015 (the show died a lot earlier, if you ask us, somewhere during season 4), the colorful friendship between Troy and Abed lingers on.

The two managed to add all the aloofness, awkwardness, weird imagination and pop culture references Community needed to be whole.

It would certainly be cool to see their own spin-off (but only if Dan Harmon writes it, that is).

Re-live some of their best moments below:

Creed Bratton (The Office)

Photo credit: NBC Universal Television Distribution

By far the most bizarre and thusly our favorite supporting character on this ground- and 4th-wall-breaking gem amongst modern sitcoms.

Creed feels like he has fallen through some inadvertent, Rick-And-Morty-like crack in time and space, landed on Earth in 2005, found some boring job in a dying paper company to cover his tracks, and just tried to fit in for 9 seasons.

So, who is Creed, really?

Creed can’t remember what he was doing during the 70’s; Creed has probably murdered someone in the past (on multiple occasions); Creed lives by the quarry and likes to throw things in it; he has his own worm-guy; he obviously “hangs brain” on a regular basis; he doesn’t know what “texts” are; Creed prints his own money in 3-dollar bills; Creed can get you a kid for 7000 dollars; scuba-diving is his life; Creed can’t tell an apple from a potato; he desperately needs 3 chairs and we don’t know why… and finally, Creed isn’t even his real name.