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ABC’s New Drama ‘Black Box’ Probes the Brain

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

ABC is introducing a brand new medical drama to their prime time lineup and it goes by the name “Black Box”. The new series, starring Kelly Reilly, follows the genius Dr. Catherine Black. Black is known as the “Marco Polo” of the brain due to her nature helping patients figure out their neurological disorders. The key to the series, much like “Boss” starring Kelsey Grammar, comes back to the main characters own mental shortcomings. In “Black Box”, the incredible mind Doctor suffers from her own mental issues: bipolar disorder.

What sets “Black Box” apart from so many medial television shows before it will be its commitment to realism. The show will not treat every disease like it is the most dramatic thing in the world but it also won’t ignore the fact that these neurological disorders are true life changers. Catherine Blacks struggles with bipolar disorder should provide a constant source of conflict for the genius doctor. The show will detail her efforts to live with the disease, self treat it, and also help those in the world around her.

“Black Box” will also star Terry Kinney, most widely known for his work on the hit HBO show “OZ”, as Ditch Davey, a womanizing co-worker with quite a bit of power at his fingertips. Kinney and Reilly have great chemistry and it will be interesting to see how well they deal with each other during what is sure to be an intense, and occasionally dark, new series.

What will make, or break, “Black Box” seems to come down to how Reilly handles the character of Catherine Black. With a whole host of directions she can go into, the choices that Reilly make will change how we perceive her character and the entire show. Reilly says that, “life is never going to be straight” for Catherine and that you will always wonder when she is going to “go off crazy again.”

“Black Box” premiered in April of 2014.