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Arrested Development Isn’t Done With Us Just Yet

Photo credit: 20th Television

Photo credit: 20th Television

If there’s a fate worse for a great TV show than being stuck in development hell, it’s getting cancelled after a bunch of great seasons. However, there are rare cases when some of those shows bounced back after getting kicked out.

Speaking of which, “Arrested Development” can serve as the best example of this. After getting cancelled by Fox, the famous show got back up and made another season on Netflix.

Now, the fans are eager for Season 5 and everything it might have in store for them.

Deadline reports that Ron Howard, who is narrating the series, and Mitchell Hurwitz, the mastermind behind it all, have agreed that the upcoming season is actively being worked on and that it’s going to be more hilarious than any before it.

The only problem is getting the whole cast back together. Season 4 did a lot of things that changed the canon quite a bit, so reassembling the entire cast for yet another season might prove as a difficult task. All that remains for us is to sit and wait, as we’re sure Hurwitz won’t fail any of us or the show itself.