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“Back To The Future” Cast Celebrate 30th Anniversary With A Reunion

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

The main characters in the beloved “Back To The Future” franchise, Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly), Lea Thompson (Lorraine) and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) reunited in London over the weekend to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.

The first installment was released on July 3, 1985, and the cast got together at London Film and Comic-Con to share the memories of making the Robert Zemeckis picture.

Fox, 54, Thompson, 54, and Lloyd 76 gathered in front of a zealous group of fans at Kensington Olympia, where Fox made the following comment:

“[Marty’s] just a cipher for the audience to take in what’s happening and see their feelings reflected back,” said Fox.

“I don’t know if I did that on my own, as I just fell into the rhythm that Bob [Zemeckis] and Bob [Gale] created. So, Marty was just every man. Marty was every kid. He was just supposed to represent everyone’s reaction to what was happening.”

The film still has a large following and will be shown in movie theatres on 21 October, which is when Marty McFly time-travels to in “Back To The Future Part II”.