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Bending Reality: ‘Doctor Strange’ Vs. ‘Inception’ – Who Did It Better?

Photo credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

The newest Marvel movie, “Doctor Strange”, is finally out and the thoughts on it are quite divided. Some say it is the weirdest and most mind-boggling movie to hit theaters in a while, others disagree saying it is just a cheap thrill relying on mesmerizing CGI and that it lacks substance.

Let’s see.


We all know and love all the Marvel characters who mastered the mystic arts of warping and bending reality. Doctor Strange is perhaps the most potent one thus one, at least when it comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

However, the question is – Who bended reality better, Scott Derrickson (the director of Marvel’s Doctor Strange) or Christopher Nolan, the mastermind behind Inception.

First off, we simply must take into consideration the 6-year gap between the two movies, which is in CGI-years more like 6 decades.

“The quality of the special effects for each movie are different, since they all were released in different time periods,” says

“Doctor Strange is obviously arriving in 2016, and is utilizing the latest advancements in CGI technology, as well as innovations in 3D that the other film lacked.”

The Chicken Or The Egg?

Inception made a huge mark in cinematography with its famous changing skyline scene, where we see the landscape literally coming out of the Earth and resting on top of itself – the scene that pretty much made Inception a cult movie right off the bat (alongside its perplexing narrative).

Doctor Strange did something suspiciously similar (visually, of course).

“The film’s chase scene through New York City where buildings ripple and streets twist is like The Matrix plus Inception turned up to 11, and will no doubt go on to inspire a whole new generation of filmmakers,” continues.

Our two cents are, however, a bit different.

Sure, Marvel’s latest looks rather cool and has a few witty puns here and there, but it is essentially indeed nothing but a cheap thrill. It does lack substance, it has underdeveloped characters, and will never come anywhere near Nolan’s masterpiece.

Any all-round movie should have all 3 pillars of good cinema:

  • Strong and engaging narrative
  • Innovative visuals
  • Complex and developed characters

Doctor Strange only has one.

Your thoughts?