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Bill Cosby Is Suing NBC And Netflix

Photo credit: NBC

Photo credit: NBC

Just when the media loosened its grip on Bill Cosby and his questionable past, the 78-year old actor/entertainer jumped back into the spotlight by suing two major TV companies.

As it happens, the comedy legend filed a lawsuit against NBC and Netflix due to financial losses he suffered when these houses decided to cancel his future projects from their roster.

This newest lawsuit is actually an act of retribution over the defamation lawsuit filed by Tamara Green in December 2014. Green, joined by Therese Serignese, Linda Traits, Joan Tarshis, Barbara Bowman, Angela Leslie and Louis a Moritz, sued Cosby for denying their allegation by claiming his statements hurt their reputation.

Bottom line, this is a whole circus comprised of lawsuits, allegations, and a whole lot of hearsay. The legendary actor most certainly suffered a lot of financial losses when the famous “Cosby Show” got kicked from certain networks, but we aren’t sure how well this will play out for him.