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‘Community’ Alum Gillian Jacobs Joins ‘Girls’ Season 4

Photo credit:  NBC

Photo credit: NBC

For three seasons, the quirky HBO comedy “Girls” has built up a loyal audience by constantly presenting interesting and funny characters. The series, which started out as a cult show with a moderate amount of buzz, has now morphed into a bonafide hit and become one of the most talked about shows on television.

The fourth season of “Girls” is scheduled to air in 2015. Fans of the cancelled NBC comedy “Community” will be happy to learn that an actress from that show has not taken very long to land on her feet. It seems that Gillian Jacobs will be leaving Greendale for Brooklyn. According to various media reports, Jacobs will play a recurring character when the fourth season of “Girls” starts shooting. It will be interesting to see exactly what type of character she plays, since she is a bit older than the rest of the girls in the cast.

Photo credit:  HBO

Photo credit: HBO

There has been a strong hope among “Community” fans that the show would be picked up for another season on a platform such as Netflix. With Jacobs signing on for the “Girls” role, the first major role that a member of the “Community” cast has accepted since the show was laid to rest, it could mean that the chances of the much-beloved and low-rated sitcom returning are getting slimmer by the day.

Playing a character named Mimi-Rose, Jacobs will make her “Girls” debut in the fifth episode of the season. The episode will be named after her character, leading some people in the media to assume that Jacobs’ character will end up being significant on the show. Interestingly, she will not be the first cast member of “Community” to make an appearance on the HBO comedy. Donald Glover had a brief stint of two episodes back in season two, playing one of the boyfriends of Lena Dunham’s character. Even though the chances of “Community” being resurrected are extremely unlikely, there would still be a decent possibility of Jacobs reprising her role on the series. This is due to the fact that the shooting schedule for “Girls” would not conflict with a possible sixth “Community” season.