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Cory Goodman To Pen The New ‘Underworld’


Photo credit: Sony Pictures

The project has been cooking for a while now and The Hollywood Reporter has recently gotten hold of some new and exciting information about the nest reboot of the famous franchise.

The working title of the movie was “Underworld: Next Generation”, and they truly are going in the right direction when it comes to passing the torch. First on board is Priest’s writer, Cory Goodman, who will be scripting the new Underworld.


One thing is sure, they won’t try to resuscitate the character of Selena, the vampire warrior played by Kate Beckinsale in the previous franchise.

Selena was excellent, her story nicely rounded and they will leave her be the way she is – perfect.

However, the last sequel “Awakening” introduced a new character – Selena’s daughter Eve, hinting the possible reboot.

When it comes to the plot itself, nothing has been officially confirmed, but one can freely assume we’ll be again caught right in the middle of the conflict between the vampires and their werewolf enemies the Lycans, only this time we can expect a bit different setting of both time and place.

Maybe the human race will this time be more aware of this ancient rivalry and will be involved in more ways than one.

Goodman loves fantasy

The new Underworld writer did an excellent job on his latest project “Priest” back in 2011 and to prove he’s a hardcore horror/fantasy fan, Goodman is also writing the screenplay for “The Last Witch Hunter”, featuring Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie and Michael Caine. The movie is currently in pre-production.