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Courteney Cox on Friends: “Reunion is Not Going to Happen”

For 10 years, the NBC sitcom “Friends” dominated the ratings, routinely attracting over 30 million viewers per episode in the United States and gaining legions of loyal fans around the world. No other scripted show has been able to produce ratings even close to this level over the past decade. Since the series had its swan song in 2004, the idea of a possible reunion has been on the minds of many devoted “Friends” followers.

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Unfortunately, any hopes of a reunion were soundly dashed by Courteney Cox on a recent appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Cox told Letterman that she did not think a reunion was ever going to happen. She also revealed her attempt to get the entire cast together for dinner ever since the show went off the air. After a decade of trying, she still has not been able to make it happen. She blamed the difficulty on the fact that the cast members live on different coasts.

This is not the first time that a possible “Friends” reunion was shot down by people intimately involved with the making of the show. In an interview conducted last year, Matthew Perry gave thumbs down to a reunion. Several weeks later, Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of the series, agreed with Perry’s sentiments.

Photo credit: The WB Television Network

Photo credit: The WB Television Network

Needless to say, there are many people besides fans of the show that would love to see the cast get back together for some more wacky hijinks. The struggles of NBC in recent years have been well documented. The network has become a punching bag for its programming ineptitude, especially by Jay Leno, their former employee. A “Friends” reunion and all the hype and publicity that would surround it would be a huge event for the lowest rated of the four major networks. With ratings for the recent Sochi Winter Olympics not meeting the expectations of advertisers, the massive ratings produced by a “Friends” reunion would be just what the doctor ordered.

However, in the world of showbiz, you can never say never. The Eagles once famously proclaimed that “hell would freeze over” before they would reunite. Fans of “Friends” are hoping for the same sort of freezing process.