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Deadpool 2 Release Date Officially Announced

deapool 2

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Social media went into overdrive when Deadpool 2 trailer somewhat unexpectedly went out about a month ago, and right away Deadpool fans started asking the one and only obvious question:

What about the Deadpool 2 release date?

Now we finally have that answer: It’s June 1st, 2018.

More Threats For Sci-Fi And Fantasy Fans From Fox

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has even more release dates in store for us. Aside from the surefire blockbuster Deadpool 2, the company also announced release dates for two other X-Men universe movies – “New Mutants” that landed the April 13th release date and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” that should hit big screens on November 2nd.

But that’s not all, 20th Century Fox and filmmaker James Cameron also announced the long-awaited Avatar sequels. The release dates for the next four Avatar sequels are the following: Dec.18, 2020; Dec.17, 2021; Dec.20, 2024; Dec.19, 2025.

Busy dudes, indeed.

A Little Bit Of Something For Everyone From Fox

The folks over at 20th Century Fox know that they are up against a heavy competition, so they already have a perfect plan for 2018. Namely, this production company set three awesome, long-awaited and quite distinct superhero movie choices for the audiences around the globe, regardless of their age and preferences.

Throughout 2018, Fox will release “ Dark Phoenix” – a true superhero movie; “Deadpool 2” a rugged R-rated film for big boys who know and love dark humor; and New Mutants” that will predominantly be targeting young audiences.

This way they will cover a HUGE bulk of sci-fi and fantasy fans who are always hungry for more action.

What we are most excited about today is the Deadpool 2 release date we’ve been so eagerly waiting ever since the first Deadpool movie came out.  So, June 1st, 2018 it is!