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‘The Flash’ Teased in ‘Arrow’ Finale Trailer

Photo credit: CW Television Network

Photo credit: CW Television Network

Fans of the CW hit series “Arrow” will get an added bonus when they tune in for the finale episode of the superhero drama’s second season. A new trailer for the season finale also promotes the fact that viewers will get a first look at the new series “The Flash” that will be premiering on the CW this fall.

The Flash’s secret identity, Barry Allen, was introduced during a two-part episode of “Arrow” earlier this season. When we last saw Barry, he had been hit by the fateful bolt of lightning that will result in giving him the power of super speed. However, he does not officially turn into The Flash, as the episode ends with Barry in a coma. The initial plan was to make a backdoor pilot for “The Flash” using an “Arrow” episode as a way of introducing the character and the new series to the public. A backdoor pilot refers to the use of an episode of a show that is already popular to promote an upcoming series. In most cases, the new series being promoted is a spinoff of the series it is appearing on, thus attracting the audience of the popular show.

When the backdoor pilot was first announced, the 20th episode of “Arrow” this season was the episode that was targeted as the one that would be completely devoted to The Flash character. However, producers eventually scrapped that idea when they determined that they would be able to get a higher budget if they did a traditional pilot for the series. As a general rule, networks provide more money to make traditional pilots than they do to make backdoor pilots.

Last week, the CW officially announced that “The Flash” has officially been picked up for the 2014-2015 season. This announcement was assumed to be a lock by most people in the industry, but there had been no news of an official greenlight of the series until now.

Grant Gustin will star as Barry Allen/The Flash in the upcoming series. It has also been announced that John Wesley Shipp, star of the 1990 “The Flash” series, will make an appearance in the pilot episode.

Video credit:CWtelevision’s channel