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George Kennedy Dies Aged 91

Photo credit: United Artists

Photo credit: United Artists

Another legendary actor has passed away. George Kennedy, Oscar winner and one of the most versatile actors that ever graced the big and small screens alike died at the age of 91. His career was long and rich, and it included a whole array of different roles, all majestically played by this true artist.

Kennedy was born in 1925 into an artistic and show-business oriented family – his father was a musician and orchestra leader, while his mother was a ballet dancer. He made his stage debut at the age of two, and went on to work in radio shows later in life. Alas, World War II delayed his huge ambitions, as the actor also wanted to serve his country.

After serving in the US Army for 16 years, Kennedy ended up as an advisor on The Phil Silvers Show, and in time managed to grab a few small guest roles. That led him to more television work, including The Love Boat, Dallas, Maverick, Bonanza, and many others.

His big screen work kicked off with 1961’s The Little Shepherd Of Kingdom Come, however, he did have a unaccredited role in 1960’s Spartacus as a soldier. Thanks to his amazing debut and a bag full of talent, Kennedy appeared in blockbusters like The Dirty Dozen, The Delta Force, Charade, etc.