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‘Godzilla 2’ Got Its Official Release Date


Warner Bros. Pictures

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have announced that “Godzilla 2” will reach the theaters by June 4th, 2018. Four years is quite a wait, but we’re sure it will be worth it.

The director

Apparently, Gareth Edwards is still onboard as the director, even though he’ll be quite busy in the next several years since he is currently working on a “Star Wars” spinoff written by Gary Whitta, which should be released in 2016.

We will assume this is a one-time deal since Legendary Pictures expects Gareth to jump back in the director’s chair for the Godzilla sequel.

A legendary picture CEO Thomas Tull, on the other hand, is quite confident that Edwards’ new film will not interfere with “Godzilla 2”, although he is himself surprised Gareth’s new project is none other but a Star Wars sequel.

“Gareth’s filmmaking talent makes him one of his generation’s most creative and visionary directors.

The plan has always been for Gareth to direct a different film before we started on another Godzilla, but who knew it would be a Star Wars installment?

We have a great plan in store for Godzilla fans and I am looking forward to seeing Gareth’s imprint on the Star Wars universe,” said Thomas.

She’s got the look

It is said that “Godzilla 2” is expected to be some kind of a monster mash. The scaly legend will be either doing battle or teaming up with Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan, making her an update of Destroy All Monsters.

Edwards is also in talks for “Godzilla 3”, but perhaps Warner Bros. and Legendary might want to slow down a bit. One step at a time, boys, one step at a time.