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‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Bryan Fuller Serves Up Plot Details

Photo credit:   Living Dead Guy Productions, AXN: Original X Production

Photo credit: Living Dead Guy Productions, AXN: Original X Production

After an extremely bloody and shocking “Hannibal” second season finale, there has been a great deal of speculation about where the series is headed for season three. With NBC officially picking up the series for a third season, details are now starting to come out regarding where showrunner Bryan Fuller and his writers will be taking the beloved Dr. Lecter in future episodes.

In a recent interview, Fuller said that the third season will combine various elements of the prequel novel “Hannibal Rising” and the novel “Hannibal” by Thomas Harris. Some elements of stories written by Harris have already been woven into the fabric of the first two seasons. There has also been the occasional nod to the various films that have featured Hannibal Lecter.

One of the things that has endeared “Hannibal” to critics and viewers alike is the way that Fuller and his writing staff have been able to uniquely adapt the source material. Therefore, they have put a fresh and inventive spin on familiar Hannibal stories. Fuller has also revealed that the origin story from “Hannibal Rising” will be changed significantly. He goes on to say that the third season will be fun because it will mash up various elements of the “Hannibal” and “Hannibal Rising” novels. He said that he and his writers will have fun bastardizing the two novels in what he calls a “Frankenstein season.”

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Fuller has also promised that viewers will see some of the more memorable characters from the earlier Hannibal films and novels. Lady Murasaki and Francis Dolarhyde are two characters that Fuller specifically mentioned as being uniquely written into the story. Dolarhyde, a disciple of Hannibal and a serial killer in his own right, was portrayed in the movie “Red Dragon” by Ralph Fiennes, but there has been no official announcement regarding who will be playing him in the series. Lady Murasaki was the woman who was responsible for raising Hannibal.

After a shaky beginning, “Hannibal” has slowly but surely developed into one of the more dependable dramas on television. Considering all of the surprising plot twists in the first two seasons, it is difficult to imagine what lies ahead in season three.