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‘Hannibal’ TV Revival Confirmed By Creator Bryan Fuller

Hannibal Series

Photo credit: NBC / Sony Pictures Television

Two years ago, one of the most promising TV series of modern television (well, at least first two seasons) was brutally murdered by NBC, but now it seems this small-screen adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter series might just be coming back.

The show was canceled in 2015 due to low ratings, but the loyal fans immediately started a campaign to save Hannibal, so Bryan Fuller (show’s creator/showrunner) promised right away that he would try and revive it in the near future. After two years, to be more precise, when the rights to The Silence of The Lambs would expire.

As he’s a man of his word, and as it’s been two years now, Fuller is currently exploring the revival of “Hannibal.”

Conversations Have Started, The Hype Is Real

A few days ago, Fuller took to Twitter to confirm that producer Martha De Laurentiis already “started those conversations,” but also warned that these things “take time.”

Later, De Laurentiis also used Twitter to put Hannibal fans into frenzy by posting a photo of herself and Fuller holding a Hannibal figurine.

Bryan Fuller previously stated that he would like to make a new season comprised of “six to eight episodes,” and he described it as “Inception meets Angel Heart.”

With Mads Mikkelsen and co-star Hugh Dancy already on board, things are looking up for the fourth season of Hannibal. Of course, the show will need a new streaming network as folks over at NBC are pretty much unlikely to stand behind the project again.

As far as the release date is concerned, Hannibal’s return is “at earliest 4-5 years away” according to Fuller.

Quite a wait.