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HIMYM: ‘Heart-Wrenching’ Funeral Scene Cut From Finale

Photo credit: CBS

Photo credit: CBS

Everybody’s still talking about the How I Met Your Mother finale, which answered questions viewers had been pondering ever since the series premiered in 2005. While the final episode largely left long-time fans of the series satisfied, many were upset by the early death of Tracy, the revealed mother from the show’s title. But as difficult as that death was for fans to accept, it still pales in comparison to another scene which, according to How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan, was deemed far too depressing for inclusion in the finale.

In a recent interview, Hannigan revealed that the original version of the series finale was nearly twenty minutes shorter than the one that eventually aired. This rendition featured a montage from Tracy’s funeral, which, according to Hannigan, was far more traumatic than the ultimate version that ultimately aired on television. After seeing this funeral scene, producers decided that they simply couldn’t leave viewers with an ending so unbelievably “heart-wrenching.”

Interestingly enough, Alyson Hannigan completely disagreed with the producers of How I Met Your Mother. The actress felt that, as far as the finale was concerned, sadder was definitely better. Fortunately, fans claiming the exact opposite will have the ability to enjoy the happy How I Met Your Mother ending of which they’ve always dreamed. When the DVD for the final season is released, it will include an alternative cut with a conclusion that is far less depressing than what disappointed viewers witnessed during the finale broadcast. Thus, the Alyson Hannigans of the world are bound to be disappointed by the lack of an even sadder finale cut.