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Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In New ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Director’s Movie

Photo credit: Getty images

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Jake Gyllenhaal has somewhat been throwing himself into risky jobs by doing thrillers with daring directors. Following Duncan Jones’s “Source Code” was David Ayer’s brutal cop drama “End of Watch.” After those came the one-two punch of Denis Villeneuve’s “Prisoners and Enemy.” Now, Gyllenhaal is checking out Jean-Marc Vallee’s follow-up to the critically praised “Dallas Buyers Club.”

The actor has apparently started negotiating to headline Vallee’s new movie “Demolition.”

Despite the title suggesting serious action scenes of mass destruction or even Wesley Snipes playing the antagonist, this movie is a drama based on a man going through serious internal struggle.

Written by Bryan Sipe, who also penned dramas “Alpha Male” and “A Million Miles”, the film will depict an investment banker whose world is thrown into spin when his wife dies.

However, he feels shockingly disconnected from his grief, and so begins to demolish his own life to find out why his pain is muted. In his self-destructive quest, he meets a woman that might change everything.

Photo credit: Focus Features

Photo credit: Focus Features

When it comes to the producers, John Malkovich is the name that is popping up. The actor has been producing films since 1988’s Academy Award winning “Accidental Tourist.” Along with “Ghost World” and “Juno,” Malkovich has been involved in producing such celebrated dramedies as “Young Adult” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” The female lead is yet to be announced.

Dallas Buyers Club brought Vallee loads of good criticism and acclaim, so it’s quite likely his next film is looking to feature a star as well-known and well-regarded as Gyllenhaal. With “Demolition” going into production next month, a decision should come soon as to whether Gyllenhaal is in or out. We are certainly keeping our fingers crossed for Jake.