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Jessica Chastain Offered Lead Role in ‘True Detective’?

Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

It is no secret that red-haired beauty Jessica Chastain is one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood at the moment. After her “Zero Dark Thirty” performance, it seems that producers and directors just can’t get enough of her. Therefore, it should not come as a shock to anyone that Jessica’s name has been thrown around for consideration to star in the highly-anticipated second series of the “True Detective” crime drama on HBO. The first season was a hit with fans and critics alike, with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey on the trail of a serial killer. It has already been announced that the two actors will not be returning for a second season, with a completely new cast and storyline being put into place.

Chastain’s work in “Zero Dark Thirty” and “The Help” have earned her a pair of Oscar nominations. Proving that she has some of the best range among actresses working today, she also received praise for her performances in Andres Muschietti’s horror film “Mama,” as well as “Lawless,” a drama about Depression-era bootlegging directed by John Hillcoat and co-starring Shia LaBeouf.

The rumors of Chastain’s involvement in the project started to swirl when “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto said that he wanted the second season to have a female lead. He stated that the sophomore season will be about bad men, hard women and U.S. transportation system’s secret occult history. People in the media started to speculate that Chastain might be one of the frontrunners for the coveted role. However, that theory was officially put to bed by Nicole Perna, the publicist for Chastain. In a statement, Perna said that the actress is officially not doing the project. HBO has never confirmed contacting Chastain regarding the role. Chastain herself addressed the issue at a press conference during the Cannes Film Festival, denying the rumors about her involvement in the highly-acclaimed series.

One of the reasons that she is not doing the show could be that she is extremely busy at the moment. She has four films in pre-production, which would not leave her a lot of time to shoot a series consisting of eight hour-long episodes.