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Kate Winslet To Star In Elizabeth Lee Miller Biopic

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Hollywood A-lister Kate Winslet is rolling harder than ever, and it seems that she won’t stop anytime soon.

After finishing her work on the Steve Jobs biopic, in which she plays Joanna Hoffman (a vision we’re going to see soon enough), the popular actress is set for another biopic.

Winslet will be portraying the role of Elizabeth “Lee” Miller, an American model, artist, and war correspondent.

The project will be put together by Hopscotch Pictures, which is looking for adequate writers, producers, and a director. The script will be largely based on Miller’s son Antony Penrose’s biography “The Lives Of Lee Miler.”

Miller was a truly wonderful and magnetic woman, equally known for her beauty and her brains. She was a muse and collaborator to legendary artists like Pablo Picasso and Man Ray. Apart from posing for paintings and photographs, she was an artist and a photographer herself. During World War II, she started a career as a photojournalist. She documented the Blitz, Nazi concentration camps, and post D-Day France.

According to many, Winslet is the perfect choice to play the great woman. However, as the project is still in early stages, it’s quite uncertain whether will anything play out as it was planned so far.

Winslet can be seen in Steve Jobs and Triple 9.