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Here’s Why Logan’s Debut Weekend At The Box Office Was So Successful

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox’s new Wolverine installment “Logan” managed to break a few records this weekend at the box office becoming the most successful Wolverine movie of all time.

Now, it turns out that many audiences around the globe are actually a bit surprised by Logan’s success (the movie grossed over $85.3 million domestically), and while some still remain bamboozled by these numbers, we knew long time ago that this would happen.

So, let’s see why exactly Logan made such a powerful box office debut and became the most successful Wolverine movie so far.

Bye Bye, Hugh Jackman

In case you didn’t know, this is Hugh Jackman’s very last time to portray the legendary blade popping mutant, which is indeed a huge deal and will indeed mark an end of an era. The thing is that fans simply want to see “the real” Wolverine one last time before somebody else takes over this coveted role.

Another extremely important reason is that this time Fox decided to give Jackman and director James Mangold green light to do whatever they want with this X-Men movie, and the two sure made it into a truly rugged action-packed adventure, luckily devoid of clichés.

The Power Of The R-Rated

Never underestimate the power of R-rated movies. Namely, Logan’s excellent and record-slashing debut weekend definitely wouldn’t have happened if the movie wasn’t made primarily for big boys.

Logan also became the most successful R-rated March release, while it is also the 4th biggest March opening weekend ever, leaving behind titles like Batman v Superman, The Hunger Games and Alice in Wonderland.

This just goes to show that Fox made the right decision to make this movie R-rated, finally providing true fans with some high-octane Wolverine action in all its R-rated glory.