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Michael Bay On New ‘Transformers’ – It Is An Epic 3-Hour Ride

Photo credit: Parmount Pictures

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

The critics have thrashed the latest “Transformers” movie and categorized it as ‘too long’. However, director of the franchise, Michael Bay, was brief and clear. “Too long? It’s an epic.”

“I never read critics, they can say whatever they want. It’s all about the fans. I think it’s a real epic movie,” Bay told AFP prior to the preview of “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” two weeks ago in Miami, Florida.

Best known for directing big budget action movies “Pearl Harbor” and “Armageddon,” the director stated that bringing the film to the big screen was quite a challenge.

Just to put thing in perspective, the movie involved the collaboration of 4,000 people. “It is a very, very complicated movie,” he said.

As for the new blood amongst the film crew, Mark Wahlberg replaces Shia LaBeouf as the leading human.

“It’s nice to freshen it up, changing out the cast, giving it all a new life,” said Bay.

Stanley Tucci and Nicola Peltz are also the newcomers and they seem to fit perfectly. The film crew turned up in Hong Kong recently for the movie’s world premiere and the city provided an impressive backdrop for much of the film, depicting the latest battle between the Autobots and the antagonist Decepticons.

Bay also said that the greatest satisfaction he gets from the series is traveling the world and meeting fans in person. “We just were in China, we were in New York, there are fans around the world for this franchise,” Bay said.

The famous director did not rule out the possibility of the fifth installment of “Transformers”, but he wasn’t that convincing either. “Sure they are going to keep making them, I don’t know if I am. You never know.”

Whether or not 3 hours is too long for the latest sequel of the legendary battle between good and evil alien robots, we sure hope Bay continues directing them. He’s a true action-man.