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‘Modern Family’ Cast Talks Emotional Wedding Finale

Photo credit: ABC

Photo credit: ABC

Mitch and Cam, the popular “Modern Family” couple, finally got married in the season five finale of the popular ABC sitcom. As part of the celebration surrounding the finale, the creators and cast of the show attended a large wedding party on the Fox lot. During the season-ending blowout, the cast revealed the real emotion that they felt when they were shooting the two-part episode. They were all honored to be a part of airing a gay wedding on primetime network TV, something that would have been thought impossible a few short years ago.

Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cam, said that the wedding episode was a unique chance to touch people with comedy and at the same time, to be a cultural touchstone for an important issue that is affecting society right now. Sarah Hyland added that she thought the wedding was beautiful and that the natural progression regarding gay issues on the show mirrored the progression regarding gay rights in society as a whole.

Filming the episode was especially poignant for Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitch. This is because he is gay in real life and had just married his partner. Julie Bowen, who attended Ferguson’s real wedding, said that the wedding on the show felt just as meaningful because of the emotion involved. Bowen actually started to cry upon completing a long day of shooting. Her tears came as a surprise to her. Hyland and Nolan Gould also admitted shedding a few tears during the faux nuptials. Hyland said that her tears were due to what a wonderful person Ferguson is and how much the wedding meant to him.

Ferguson also admitted getting a little weepy on the set. He said the emotion did not stem from the fact that it was an important social statement they were making. Instead, he got emotional because it was a wonderful moment for Mitch and Cam.

Ed O’Neill, summed up the evening by saying that although he loved “Married With Children” and the time he spent working on that show, he believes that a show like “Modern Family” only comes around once every 20 or 30 years.