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New Girl Finale: Is There a Future for Nick and Jess?

Photo credit:   Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures, American Nitwits, Chernin Entertainment

Photo credit: Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures, American Nitwits, Chernin Entertainment

“New Girl”, developed by Elizabeth Meriwether, has just concluded its third season and fans were left reeling. The show focuses on a collection of eclectic roommates as they navigate adulthood while trying to cling to their odd, yet incredible, relationships together. Nick and Jess, played by Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel respectively, have been the major focus of season three as their on-again-off-again relationship hit new lows.

Early in season three Nick and Jess come to the realization that they are just too different to be in a relationship together, no matter how much they actually love each other. After this realization the two decided to call it quits, but struggled the entire rest of the season to move on. Their close quarter living and lingering affections make every minute together almost unbearably awkward. So you can imagine how uncomfortable things get when they are forced to go on a Lovers Cruise together!

To make things less uncomfortable Nick and Jess invite the rest of the gang along to help moderate and keep things normal. Coach finds out he can’t stand boats, or the ocean, and Schmidt comes to the realization that he just wants Cece to be happy-with or without him. Winston? Well, he just keeps on keeping on.

As the finale wraps, with Nick and Jess apparently coming to terms with how weird their breakup is, fans are left to wonder just what the future has in store for the two confused lovers. Nick and Jess are clearly made for each other, but will they get out of their own way to embrace it? The season ends with Nick agreeing to move out of his split room with Jess to go “bunk up” with Schmidt–right across the hall. While it seems almost predetermined that they will get back together, the way that Meriwether and co have been twisting their relationship leaves everything up to second guessing.

Fans of the sitcom “Friends” will undoubtedly see similarities between Nick and Jess and Ross and Rachel. The way that “New Girl” decides to handle their cornerstone couple will determine just how far the series can go.