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‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ – Release Date Announced

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Brace yourselves, Jack Sparrow is coming back.

Three years after the fourth sequel of “Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise called “On Stranger Tides” was released on big screens, “Disney” have officially announced the long coveted fifth edition, and as it turns out we’ll apparently have to wait three more years for it.

So, we hope patience is your virtue.

Its subtitle reads “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” and the famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer has hired some newcomers in order to freshen up the franchise.

The director’s chair will have to become a ‘director’s bench’ this time, apparently. After Gore Verbinski and Rob Marshall joined the crew, two new names have been announced – Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg.

The director duo are perhaps best known for the sailing adventure “Kon-Tiki”, which was released two years ago and got quite a nice feedback.

Considering the fact that “On Stranger Tides” in the end earned over $1 billion, this news isn’t that shocking. Johnny Depp is also to return, even though his other ‘Bruckheimer’ project “The Lone Ranger” wasn’t that much of a success.

When we do the simple math we see that there will be a six year gap between the two sequels. So, there’s nothing else for us to do but play the waiting game. It will pay off, we’re sure.