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Robert Downey Jr. Abruptly Ends Interview

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Iron Man showed his “steely” side in a promotional interview for his latest film “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

Britain’s Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy tried to steer the conversation with the 50-year-old into the direction of Robert Downey Jr.’s past, but the actor was in no mood for a trip down memory lane.

After a series of uncomfortable questions that RDJ tried to answer politely, hinting at the real reason for the interview multiple times, which was to promote his latest movie, the host kept on going off script, finally pissing the actor off to the point that he got up from his chair and walked out of the studio.

Guru-Murthy was trying to focus on the actor’s time spent behind bars, drinking and substance abuse problems as well as political views when a fed up RBJ said, “I’m sorry, I really don’t — what are we doing?”

“I’m just asking questions, that’s all,” Guru-Murthy replied.

“You seem OK, it’s just getting a little Diane Sawyer in here,” Downey concluded as he got up and walked out of the interview.