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Ron Howard Starts Shooting “Inferno” In April

 Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, Apollo 13

Photo credit: Universal Studios.

The project has been waiting a full year now for a mutual gap in busy schedules of director Ron Howard and the main star Tom Hanks, but now it is official – We will soon see Hanks put on Professor Robert Langdon’s curios shoes for the third time in the latest installment of the famous franchise.

Shooting starts in April

April is the cruellest month but not for the fans of Dan Brown’s fiction thrillers. “Sony Pictures” and “Imagine Entertainment” have confirmed that “Inferno” will start its shooting in Italy in about seven months.

The third installment is based on the Dan Brown novel series that began with “The Da Vinci Code” and according to many fans this one is maybe the best story within the franchise.

The studio has officially closed the deals with Tom Hanks and for Ron Howard to direct/produce and Brian Grazer to produce along with Howard. David Koepp has written and adapted the script for this one.

Plot? (spoilers ahead)

In this latest outing, Langdon awakens in an Italian hospital with amnesia. He has to tackle a chilling puzzle regarding Dante’s Inferno. This time he faces a new and cunning adversary and, of course, he has to solve a tough and ingenious riddle while searching a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic scenery.

However, he’ll need the help of Doctor Sienna Brooks, who helps him recover his precious memories essential for stopping the antagonist.

On the other hand, no one is mentioning the book called “The Lost Symbol” which is the actual third Brown novel to involve the character of Harvard University, symbologist Robert Langdon. Its destiny is apparently symbolically doomed to stay forgotten and lost.