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Sandra Bullock to Produce ‘Miss Congeniality’ TV Show

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Sandra Bullock is plotting a TV show version of her hit film from 2000, Miss Congeniality. This time around she plans to produce the show, not play the leading role of FBI Agent Gracie Hart. Sandra has proven herself as a producer in Hope Floats, The Proposal, and the George Lopez Show. Many people do not know that she runs her own successful production company, Fortis Films.

Sandra grew to America’s sweetheart with the role. She claims that she enjoyed playing FBI agent/Beauty Queen Gracie so much that she has stayed in touch with the FBI agents she met while researching Miss Congeniality.

After her Oscar nomination for Gravity for best performance of an actress in a leading role and critics choice win for the same role, Sandra could have her pick of projects to work on most. No one argues that she is on top of the A-List. The choice to produce a project close to her heart may have something to do with the fact that it will keep her close to her family while working on the series. Making it home to her son each and every evening must be a perk that most blockbuster movies cannot offer.

Think “Bridesmaids meets 24“. Finally there will be an evening show that both sexes can enjoy. Sandra was hilarious in both The Heat and Miss Congeniality. She stood up for the character of Gracie Hart when producers and writers tried to turn the movies into more of a romance than a comedy. With Sandra at the wheel, if the casting and writers are chosen right, this show has the potential to become highly addictive.