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‘Scandal’ Season Finale Recap: All the OMG Moments

Photo credit: ABC

Photo credit: ABC

I’m not sure what Shonda Rhimes ate for dinner the night she approved the script for the season finale of ABC’s Scandal, but to quote Rob Reiner’s mother in the movie You’ve Got Mail, I’ll have what she’s having–unless that requires me to look again upon the countenances of Huck and Quinn going at it in the conference room of OPA. Some things just can’t be erased from the memory.

This Scandal finale proves that Downton Abbey isn’t the only TV show capable of cramming warp-speed change into a single episode. After all, Edith discussed, mulled terminating, gave birth, gave away and mulled her daughter’s whereabouts within the final 90 minutes of Downton’s season ender. That stated, Dramamine might have helped me keep up with Scandal finale shenanigans without getting all woozy from the pace.

I loved the relentless frontrunner story that darted between Scandal’s scenes. Fitz is winning. No, it’s Sally! But wait. While Sally ministers to the wounded in Jesus’ name, angst within the communications wing of the White House sets new hysteria records. Not since a certain intern wore a blue dress and thong to cheer up a president during a government shut-down has there been this much action in the WH.

Huff Post tracked Scandal finale Tweets and there’s a good chance you’ll find one that reflects your viewpoint, but for now, I’m on a jet plane contemplating sex with Jake, whom I have lusted after since Felicity.

Back home, Maya languishes in the underground pit that once robbed Huck of what’s left of his mind as Mellie hits the floor to grieve with the newly-re-elected president hunkered down between the couches.

Registering high on the “did not see that coming” scale? Killing off the first couple’s son contends for number one with the pit-bound Maya as explanations are made clear by his Popeness: If Fitz is going to steal Olivia, turnabout’s fair play.

Shout out to Scandal’s prop and set decorating geniuses. I haven’t seen a baby bump this cleverly circumvented since Lucy rocked a purse while breaking the news of her pregnancy to Desi.