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Tim Miller’s Deadpool Hits All The Right Notes

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Deadpool has been covered in mystery for much of its creation, hiding the fact whether the storyline would be developed around the superhero’s positive or negative aspects.

Like most Marvel characters, the Deadpool superhero combines such character traits that a lot of people can’t stand, but the audience is still on his side, proving yet again how versatile the films based on comic books can be thanks to the protagonist.

Not surprisingly, Deadpool is a lovable action-packed blockbuster starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, an ex-Special Forces operative who now makes a living as a mercenary with a big mouth and an even bigger heart.

He meets a beautiful prostitute, Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin, whose life has been just as dark and painful, and as fate would have it they fall in love just before the tragedy strikes.

Spoiler alert! Wilson is battling liver, lungs, prostate and brain cancer, and is unsure whether to put his heart’s desire through the agony of watching him fade away and lose this battle. As the story unfolds, Wilson faces even greater challenges as he tries to save his life.

Deadpool isn’t a typical big-budget film, it waited for 5 years of a shelf to be made, and its modest makings make it even more incredible given how the studio has managed to get the most out of the resources they had.

Comic book fans, you need not worry. Deadpool is definitely worth a trip to the movies as it brings everything a superb Marvel-based film brings to the table!