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15 Epic TV Romances That Make Us Believe in Love

Photo credit: CBS

Photo credit: CBS

The history of human culture has developed romances that have become legends: Paris and Helen, Dante and Beatrice, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Television shows haven’t been shy about creating romances that can be anything between harmonious and extremely rocky. Which have been the most memorable?

15) Lily and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

The story of Ted Mosby’s love life centers partially around the love life of his two best friends, Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. Both have a relationship that every man and woman wants: playful, intimate, and always caring. They call each other before they go to bed, they share their daily meals, they have crazy rules and inside jokes about anything, and they even use the same toothbrush.

Lily and Marshall have had arguments and even separations, but they always come back to one another because they’re true soulmates.

What’s more, they constantly provide Ted with the inspiration to find his own true love in the far-flung search for the mother.