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TV Shows For Life – Two And A Half Men

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television

Many TV shows have grown on us over the decades, but none of them can come close to the popularity, as well as controversy, of “Two and a Half Men.” We don’t know if it’s Charlie Sheen or simply the crazy setup of the show’s plot, but there is definitely something likable about these series that allowed it last 12 years.

Real-Life Comedy Works

“Two and a Half Men” started off wonderfully in 2003. The main cast was unorthodox but fun, and CBS certainly hit the spot as they were able to create 262 episodes spanning over 12 seasons.

However, disaster struck in 2010. Charlie Sheen, as one of the original cast members, really shook up the show when hopped back on the ‘personal problems’ track.

The show was supposed to take a quick break after seven straight years of production, but little did creator Chuck Lorre know what was really about to happen.

After a whole lot of bad-mouthing, Sheen was fired from the show and replaced by another heavy-weight actor right after. Then, in 2012, the show suffered another incident, this time by Angus T. Jones. After converting to a Christian sect, Jones started promoting the twisted values of the show, only to find himself without a TV role and apologizing a year later.


The show starts Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), a careless, womanizing, and shallow jingle writer whose easy life gets disrupted with the arrival of Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones). The two brothers are completely opposite, yet whenever they find even the tiniest piece of common ground, hilarity ensues.

As the show lasted for 12 years, you can imagine that it had a lot of side characters and plot development. After Sheen’s dismissal, we’re introduced to a new main character in the form of Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher), a gullible millionaire set out to buy Charlie’s house after his passing.