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15 Revived TV Shows That Came Back Stronger Than Ever

Photo credit: FOX Broadcasting Company

Photo credit: FOX Broadcasting Company

Every show has times when its popularity wanes, but you might be surprised how many shows that have enjoyed being very popular were canceled and then re-instituted. These shows often have a very good following and the outcry generated when they were canceled caused the companies backing them to back up and reconsider the cancelation. Here are 10 shows that faced cancelation and came back stronger than ever:

1) Futurama

Originally airing on Fox for four seasons starting on March 18, 1999, Futurama was effectively canceled on August 10, 2003 when no order came to the production company for a fifth season. This science fiction adult animated series realized great gains after its first cancelation. After the show was aired as reruns on The Cartoon Network, Comedy Central purchased syndication rights to the series and four direct-to-DVD movies were released starting in 2006 which were highly popular.

Following the success of the movies, Comedy Central picked up the series to make 26 new half hour shows and then ordered more seasons, bringing the total number of seasons for the series to seven, with a total of 140 episodes. The series was canceled again and the final episode aired on September 4, 2013, with the creators holding out hope for more direct-to-DVD movies in the future. The show has reached critical acclaim and has been nominated for dozens of awards.