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12 Most Notorious Ladies Men of TV

Photo credit: HBO

Photo credit: HBO

If there’s one thing most television series hold in common, it’s the inclusion of at least one promiscuous character. Although this role occasionally goes to a woman, as was the case with Sex And The City’s Samantha Jones, womanizer’s are far more common. Some seek redemption in long-term relationships, some revel in their debauchery, but all of these ladies men prove incredibly fascinating.

1) Tyrion Lannister – Game Of Thrones

In the early episodes of Game Of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister is portrayed as a huge womanizer, more interested in easy sex with prostitutes than in upholding his so-called honor as a member of the Lannister family. During the first season, he confesses to having a way with women, or at least, a way with all the women of whom his father disapproves. Tyrion also happily arranges for the sexual satisfaction of others, sending an attractive woman as a gift to his nephew Joffrey (an incident that does not end well) and enlisting the help of several additional ladies to reward his squire for saving his life.

Viewers soon learn that, in spite of a huge appetite for casual sex, Tyrion is, in fact, capable of emotional attachment. He actually married a wheelwright’s daughter named Tysha when he was sixteen, but the union was eventually ended by his father, Lord Tywin. He eventually falls for another prostitute, by the name of Shae. After being married to Sansa Stark, Tyrion remains faithful to Shae, proving that, despite his tendencies as a womanizer, he really is a good man at heart.