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Universal, Matt Damon & Paul Greengrass Plan Another Bourne Film

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Could agent Jason Bourne be coming back?

It appears so, since Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are apparently bourne to reunite, as they are making deals for a return to this mysterious and action-packed franchise.

It seems that Universal Pictures has already begun making new deals with the famous tandem and we are apparently in for another unexpected treat.


We cannot help but notice this comes as a bit of a shocker, since both Damon and Greengrass have officially previously stated they had absolutely no plans of revisiting the Bourne story because they felt they had already told everything there is to tell about Jason Bourne.

However, The franchise-hungry Universal is apparently so eager to reunite Matt and Paul, and to start working on the new sequel that they want them to have the move ready for the July 15, 2016, even though this very date had previously been given to the new installment of “Bourne Legacy”, which should have been directed by Justin Lin.

Justin will not be out of work

The Bourne Legacy remains in development, but it will obviously appear after the new Matt Damon movie. Meanwhile, Lin is being linked to the second season of the hot new crime hit series “True Detective,” so he will certainly not be wasting his precious time if Bourne Legacy encounters a halt in its development.

Stay tuned.