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Warner Bros. Planning To Reboot ‘I Am Legend’ Without Will Smith

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Ever since the post-apocalyptic thriller “I Am Legend” went out back in 2007, Warner Bro. has been trying to make it into a franchise, but all of the attempts so far have ended up being unsuccessful, largely due to Will Smith’s unwillingness to reanimate the famous role (and, of course, due to the destiny of Will’s character in the original).

As Deadline has reported recently, they seem to have abandoned all hope for bringing him back and have finally found a way around.

New Plan

It appears that the studio has decided to blow the dust off of Gary Graham’s script “A Garden At The End Of The World,” which they bought back in April and has been waiting for its opportunity to become an official Warner Bros. project.

The interesting thing about Graham is that he used to work for Apple as a simple store worker, but has recently become a promising scriptwriter.

For all those regular, everyday people out there – there is still hope!

New Plan – New Story

“A Garden At The End Of The World” was at the time described as “a science fiction take on The Searchers,” however, the script apparently bears just enough similarities to Richard Matheson’s original I Am Legend story, and the studio has now engaged him to re-work the script.

This will be a new attempt on “the legendary tale of scientist Robert Neville and his fight to survive in a world where a virus has killed most of humanity and turned a small number of survivors into, essentially, vampires.”

Stay tuned.