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Watch Eddie Vedder Perform “Out Of Sand” On “Twin Peaks”


Sound design and music are two very important aspects of David Lynch’s and Mark Frost’s triumphant return of Twin Peaks. However, the use of music is rather strange (pretty much like everything else) in Twin Peaks.

The music is either:

  • non-existent (there are chunks of episodes that go up to 20 minutes in complete silence)
  • reduced to mere electrical buzzing sounds
  • or it is emphasized and in the very focus

In this week’s episode of “Twin Peaks,” the Roadhouse scene saw Eddie Vedder as the latest artist to perform at this notorious venue. Pearl Jam’s frontman played his song “Out of Sand,” which previously appeared on a limited edition single under Jack White’s label Third Man Records.

Watch Eddie’s Twin Peaks performance below:

As David Lynch is a musician himself, he always likes having quality music adorning his visual endeavors, which resulted in Twin Peaks fans having the opportunity to see many a talented performer rock at the Roadhouse:

Here are some of them, aside from Eddie:

  • Chromatics
  • The Veils
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Moby
  • Sky Ferreira
  • Hudson Mohawke
  • Rebekah del Rio
  • Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungtai
  • Sharon Van Etten
  • And unfortunately, James Hurley.

Watch the full Twin Peaks episode 13 HERE with a Showtime subscription.

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